BSRA initiatives

In keeping with its dedication to the care of this special part of the city of Worcester, the BSRA has initiated many projects based in the community, some of which have been completed, some still ongoing.

One such long-running project is the House Histories initiative, which was launched in 2014 in anticipation of the 2016 bicentenary of Britannia Square celebrations. Residents have been invited to research their houses and occupants and to compile a brief history. Many residents have participated and have produced some fascinating stories. We hope to add more in the future, and would encourage everyone to take part and help to build what is developing into a wonderful community project. 

To see a list of initiatives undertaken since 2014, hover over the 'BSRA Initiatives' item in the main menu.

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Christmans Carols and Party 2023

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More details about Fisher German services particularly relevant to residents of the Britannia Square area may be found here.

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