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Footpaths and Dog Poo

In response to public concern, the Cleaner and Greener department of the City Council have launched PooWatch to raise awareness of this problem. Go to to see what is happening in our membership area. Please encourage dog owners to use the two new bins installed at the entrance to Britannia Square from The Tything and at the west end of Albany Terrace. There is now a dog bag dispenser on the south side of Britannia Square and a further bin at the junction of Stephenson Road and the Moors.

The Civil Enforcement Officers patrol our streets on a regular basis and will prosecute owners who fail to clean up after their dogs where there is sufficient evidence to do so. If you have information or wish to discuss the matter call Alison Fitzgerald, Senior Civil Enforcement Officer, on 01905 722233. 

Local Government

Worcestershire County Council

Councillor Simon Geraghty
is our Worcester Riverside Division Councillor and Leader of the County Council
Worcester City Council

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