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Seagull Nesting Deterrence

Our trial of seagull deterrence by hawking commenced on Monday 30 March 2020. Mitchell from Pest Free Solutions sends reports of his activities to Gordon Dugan who is co-ordinating Worcester’s gull control measures.

In the first week Mitchell has been flying Otis, the Harris’s Hawk and a pair of peregrine falcons. Mitchell reports he has seen wild peregrine falcons flying in the area.

We will be supplementing the hawking with a megaphone of seagull distress calls to coincide with the flights of Mitchell’s birds.

The first week’s report follows below. Further reports will be posted here whenever they are received, which we expect will be weekly.

Hawking Reports
Download Word document

Hawk & falcon report 6.7.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 1.6.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 8.6.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 25.5.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 18.5.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 4.5.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 27.4.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 20.4.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 13.4.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 6.4.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 30.3.20.docx

Original PFS Proposal Document
Download PDF document

Pest Free Solutions Proposal Gull.pdf

Above right – 'Heraldic Finial' – Otis the Hawk. Photograph by Ella Blankstone.

Below – Seagull egg replacement on Britannia Square. Photographs by Claire Dallaway.

Further deterrence to seagull nesting delivered by John Ball with a megaphone, as recomended by the Pest Free Solutions.
Photograph by Ed Llewellyn.

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