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Gull Report – Autumn 2022

Following the article circulated in the Summer 2022 Newsletter, we are now at the end of the “gull season” and most of the migratory Lesser Black Backed Gulls have now left us and gone to their wintering grounds further south.

The City Council Gull Control Officer (Gordon Dugan) is about to retire and his successor has been announced, it is Mitchell Wright who is known to many local residents as he is the falconer who has been flying his hawks in the City for the last few years.

During 2022 our area has had the following gull control measures: hawking during the early mating/nesting season, egg and nest removal and (particularly successful) nest exclusion by placing mesh cages over vulnerable chimneys. There are one or two vulnerable sites which have yet to be protected with exclusion cages due to difficulties in gaining access. The Council hopes to carry out those measures before next year’s gull season with innovative solutions to solve the access issues.

All these measures have resulted in a significant reduction in gull nuisance in our area. The cost of the hawking has been shared between the City Council and local groups like ours. BSRA will be making a contribution of £540 towards this. The committee is most grateful for the contributions given by local residents.

The success of the gull control measures has been noted by many local residents, who have reported a much lower incidence of gull problems this year, we hope that with your support we can continue these measures in 2023, as it is known that successfully raised chicks return to their nesting area in the following years to try to set up their own territories. It’s therefore important that we continue to be vigilant, to prevent all the recent good work being undermined.

John Ball, BSRA Committee member

Hawking Reports
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Hawk & falcon report 6.7.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 1.6.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 8.6.20.docx
Hawk & falcon report 25.5.20.docx
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Original PFS Proposal Document
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Pest Free Solutions Proposal Gull.pdf

Above right – 'Heraldic Finial' – Otis the Hawk. Photograph by Ella Blankstone.

Below – Seagull egg replacement on Britannia Square. Photographs by Claire Dallaway.

Further deterrence to seagull nesting delivered by John Ball with a megaphone, as recomended by the Pest Free Solutions.
Photograph by Ed Llewellyn.

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